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From Earthrise to the black hole: astronomy's most famous images

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Images as Content and Understanding Usage Rights

The free resource includes recommended photo dimensions for every type of image on every major network. Copyright is a concept that protects all creative works. While it may be frustrating to navigate when trying to find images for your social media posts, keep in mind that it benefits you too. So, what exactly is photo copyright?

Understanding Bitmap Pictures

Nuances of copyright vary by country, but basically copyright defines the ownership of creative works and how those works can be used. In the United States, section of the Copyright Law states that only the copyright holder can:. The short version? If you created an original artistic or written work, you own it—even if you never registered it with a copyright office or other official body—and that ownership gives you exclusive rights to display and reproduce what you created.

If you use a photo someone else created without their permission, you could very well be in breach of their image copyright—even if they posted it publicly to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network. There is no clear yes-or-no guideline for whether any particular use qualifies as fair use, but a court considering a fair use lawsuit yes, lawsuit—do you really want to take this on?

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Some common examples of fair use are parody and criticism such as a movie or book review that quotes a line or two of dialogue. Creative Commons is a system that allows content creators to make their work available for certain purposes without requiring express permission. Image via Creative Commons.

If you use an image under this license, you still need to provide attribution. Regramming photos from a branded hashtag or an Instagram contest is another example, as long as you follow the regram best practices , including giving credit where credit is due. Stock photography sites are another great option. You can use Google image search to find free images, as long as you proceed with extreme caution. Flickr is another great site to check for Creative Commons images, but once again, you need to make sure you are searching only for images that allow your specific use.

Hootsuite Enhance makes it easy to find stock images that are free for commercial use. You can also crop, edit, and share them to your social networks—all from one app! Download For Free. Christina Newberry is an award-winning writer and editor whose greatest passions include food, travel, urban gardening, and the Oxford comma—not necessarily in that order.

Click here to get access to the free cheat sheet in Google Docs. September 28, By: Christina Newberry. You can use images with this license for any purpose without attribution.


Understanding Images in PDF

This photo would be a great fit for any post about wanderlust. Image via Gratisogrpahy. Just in case you ever need it, your watermelon head needs are covered, too. Image via Gratisography.

Image via Benny Jackson. Google Advanced Image Search You can use Google image search to find free images, as long as you proceed with extreme caution.