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The plot: The Tempest

On a nearby island, the exiled Duke of Milan, Prospero, tells his daughter, Miranda, that he has caused the storm with his magical powers. Prospero had been banished twelve years earlier when Prospero's brother, Antonio—also on the doomed ship—conspired with Alonso to become the duke instead. Prospero and Miranda are served by a spirit named Ariel and by Caliban, son of the island's previous inhabitant, the witch Sycorax.

On the island, castaways from the wreck begin to appear. First is Alonso's son Ferdinand, who immediately falls in love with Miranda. Prospero secretly approves of their love, but tests the pair by enslaving Ferdinand. After secretly watching Miranda and Ferdinand exchange vows, Prospero releases Ferdinand and consents to their marriage. Other castaways who appear are Trinculo and Stephano, Alonso's jester and butler, who join forces with Caliban to kill Prospero and take over the island.

Having all his enemies under his control, Prospero decides to forgive them. As all except Caliban and Ariel prepare to leave the island, Prospero, who has given up his magic, bids farewell to the island and the audience.

A crew of men are shipwrecked on a magical island and tormented by an old man and his slaves.

Some of these images show actors in character, while others show the plays as if they were real-life events—telling the difference isn't always easy. A selection of images related to The Tempest is shown below, with links to our digital image collection. Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis , two scientists from the Kahana , abruptly left the beach camp and headed for the Tempest without explanation. Suspicious, Jack , Juliet , and Kate followed. Juliet was the first to enter the station after the scientists and, believing their motives to be malicious, tried to stop them, leading to a scuffle with Charlotte.

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It ultimately became clear, however, that the scientists' purpose was to neutralize the toxic gas at the station, rather than use it themselves. Charlotte claimed that they did this to prevent Ben from using the gas to kill everyone on the Island. It seems likely that they were ordered to do this by Charles Widmore as one of their first steps upon arriving on the Island.

The Tempest consisted of two levels: an upper level, featuring an entrance and main corridor leading to a catwalk; and the lower level chamber, containing the computer systems that controlled the station and several large metal tank like containers. The exterior of the Tempest appeared to be a large bunker-like structure set into the side of a mountain.

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  • A large blast door emblazoned with the station logo served as the main entrance - leading into a central corridor. The corridor was long and dark with flickering lights. Speakers were placed at intervals along the walls. The corridor opened onto a catwalk that overlooked the facility's lower level.

    There were two computer systems on the lower level of the station. One system's monitor displayed an interactive process flow diagram with a pressure warning, while the other appeared to control various parts of the chemical process, allowing an operator to issue commands to change the temperature, open and shut valves and vents, etc.

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    The latter computer also displayed the names of chemicals, such as thionyl chloride, O-ethyl 2-diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonite, triethyl phosphite, arsenic trichloride, benzilic acid, and N,N-diisopropylaminoethane thiol. Some of these are precursors to the nerve agent VX. Triethyl phosphite can be reacted in the Michaelis-Arbuzov reaction with methyl iodide to yield diethyl methylphosphonate DEMP.

    This can then be reacted with thionyl chloride to yield methylphosphonic dichloride. This chemical is only two steps away from Sarin or Soman, two other nerve gases, differing from each other only by their alcohol groups. O-ethyl 2-diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonite is used in binary reactions to produce VX. He rouses them, and they beg forgiveness, which Prospero grants, and he is restored to his dukedom.

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    Ferdinand and Miranda are revealed to them. Ariel leads in the sailors from their ship, and then Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano. Caliban regrets his service to Stephano and Trinculo, and promises to behave.

    elizavetamebel.ru/includes/single-stammtisch-heilbronn.php Prospero sets Ariel free, and finally asks the audience for his own release, through their applause. Discuss this play in our forums. See also: The Tempest summary and study guide at eNotes. The Tempest Synopsis. Plot Summary A ship carrying Alonso King of Naples, his son Ferdinand, Antonio, and other nobles, is wrecked in a storm created by the spirit Ariel, under the magic art of Prospero.

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