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Auciello is a member of several sci- physics, and ultrasonic and optical spectro- B 9 p.


He is an author or co- scopies of semiconductors and dielectrics to Guthner and K. Dransfeld, Appl. He is the author or co- Franke and M. Weihnacht, Ferroelectric He is also a co-author in six patents on Lett. Tokumoto can be reached at Gruverman, and H. Toku- cathodes for flat-panel displays and other fax ; htokumot nair. Detailed moto, Integrated Ferroelectrics 15 p.

Scanning Probe Microscopes

He is an editor or co-editor of eight descriptions of Tokumoto's expertise can be Auciello, J. Tokumoto, Ferroelectrics p. Haefke, W. Meyer, L. Guntherodt, films. He is co-editor of the book series,. B 12 p. Plasma-Materials Interaction, published Haefke, R. Luthi, K-P. Meyer, and H-J. Prakash graduated from the Central by Academic Press. He has organized, Guntherodt, Ferroelectrics p. Electrochemical Research Institute, India, chaired, and presented invited talks in nu- Gruverman, J. Hatano, and H. He is currently an Hase and T. Shiosaki, ibid. Scott, C. Paz de Araujo, and B.

He is the co-recipient of the versity of Maryland—College Park. Alloys Compounds p. Scott, C A. Paz de Araujo, H. Mead- Society for work on in situ, real-time ows, L. S h a w a b k e h , nanoscale imaging offerroelectric domains characterization of film-growth processes.

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Nasby, J. Schwank, M. Rodgers, and S. Gruverman, A. Aggar- memory technology. Yang, M. Wuttig, H. Tokumoto, O. Au- migration mechanisms in Al interconnects ciello, T. Venkatesan, and R. Ramesh, Appl. Lett in press.

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Prakash can be reached at the Toku- University of Maryland, Department of moto unpublished manuscript. Chamberlain, G. Mozurkewich, and R. Orbach, Phys. Warren, D. Dimos, B. Tuttle, G. He has been ; fax ; e-mail Pike, and R. Physics and Applied Mathematics, Ekater- inburg, since He also worked as a re- S. Aggarwal is an assistant research scien- search scientist at the Joint Research Center tist at the University of Maryland in the O. He is working on the integration Laboratory AND and an adjunct professor search Center in Yokohama where he works of thin-film ferroelectric capacitors with Si in the Department of Materials Science of on characterizing electrical and piezoelec- technology using conducting barrier layers North Carolina State University.

He earned tric properties offerroelectric thin film by and on managing programs to develop these his MS and PhD degrees from the Physics means of scanning force microscopy. His re- materials for nonvolatile memory applica- Institute "Dr. Balseiro" National Univer- search interests include domain transforma- tions. Ramesh is a professor in the Depart- published over papers in international year, and was an invited speaker at ISIF ment of Materials and Nuclear Engineering journals.

He has also made many signifi- He received a bachelor of technology at the University of Maryland, having cant contributions in the fields of the trans- degree in ceramic engineering from Banaras spent six years as a member of the technical mission electron microscopy and materials Hindu University and MS and PhD de- staff at Bellcore.

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He received his PhD degree science of high-temperature superconduct- grees in materials science and engineering from the University of California— ing thin films, growth mechanisms of oxide from Cornell University. He has extensive Berkeley. He has extensive expertise in the thin films, pulsed laser-ablation deposition experience in understanding the defect integration offerroelectric metal oxide thin offerroelectric and magnetic oxide thin chemistry of bulk and thin films, which has films with Si technology. His work in this films, hard magnetic materials, and infor- resulted in over 20 technical papers.

His field has contributed to the development of mation-storage technology. Ramesh can be current research focuses on the correlation metal oxide layers as suitable electrodes for reached at the Department of Materials and betiueen defects and electrical properties of nonvolatile ferroelectric random-access Nuclear Engineering, University of Mary- ferroelectric thin films.

Scanning probe microscopy

Aggarwal can be memories. He has also demonstrated a land, College Park, MD , USA; phone reached at the University of Maryland, De- novel method for growing highly oriented ; fax ; e-mail partment of Materials Science and Nuclear metal oxide layers on Si substrates using rrl36 umail. Engineering, College Park, MD , perovskite films as template layers.

He has USA; phone ; e-mail ten patents, including six patents in the area aggarwal eng. Whether you're working with solids, liquids, powders, or thin films, the EAGLE can meet your needs for fast, accurate, and reliable qualitative and quantitative analysis. This means you can analyze the smallest of features with the greatest count rates. The EAGLE also utilizes a digital camera system and motorized stage to allow complete imaging and software controlled analysis capabilities.

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source site Related Papers. Nanoscale investigation of fatigue effects in Pb Zr,Ti O3 films. By Alexei Gruverman.