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Minitab introduces reliability analysis tools that can be used to perform tasks that range from checking the distribution fit of lifetime data to estimating the warranty costs of a product. Chock full of examples that include numerous case studies and over screenshots, this book is a comprehensive guide to quality and reliability in the service and manufacturing industries.

It illustrates the shapes of the most commonly used statistical distributions in reliability analysis, and in simple language demonstrates concepts that include parametric reliability analysis, nonparametric reliability analysis, warranty analysis, accelerated life testing, reliability test plans, and probit analysis.

Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

Illustrating the application of Minitab for reliability analysis, this book explains how to:. I highly recommend it to both undergraduate and graduate students in engineering and management disciplines. The topics are applicable to service products as well as to manufacturing processes.

An Overview of Basic Concepts

Haven't come across such a simple and effective means of teaching one on how to carry out such analysis using an industry wide popular software Satish Nukala, Halliburton Energy Services. Help Centre.

  • The Rhetoric of Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Culture.
  • The War in the Air (Penguin Classics).
  • Reliability Analysis for Business Excellence.

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Reliability Analysis with Minitab

Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Scott Kowalski, Minitab Inc.

Scott Kowalski. He has also conducted various Minitab trainings around USA and has helped many professionals to harness the power of statistics. Determine lifetime characteristics of a product using both graphical and quantitative analysis methods.


Reliability and Survivial Analysis - MINITAB PDF ( Pages)

Examine case studies containing censored and uncensored data to learn how to correctly handle a wide variety of data structures commonly found in reliability. Explore the common distributions used to model failure rates and develop necessary skills in choosing these models.

Basics of Questionnaire analysis using Minitab Program

Full Course Description. Predicting warranty costs is an important step for successfully managing your business.

Review Procedures for Water Resources Project Planning

Because Minitab lets you specify future shipment quantities, you can run analyses to compare different volumes of production. Learn More. Minitab Training — Hands-on Learning from Industry Experts Minitab Training gives you the skills to harness the power of Minitab software and confidence to apply to your projects.