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Cacioppo, G. Berntson, J. Sheridan and M. Ciccheti and D. Curtis and D. Bogg and B. Cohen, D.

Health Psychology A BioPsychoSocial Approach

Janicki-Deverts and G. Lyubormirsky, K. Tucker, N. Caldwell and K. Brownlee, E. Leventhal and H. Boekartz, P. Pintrich and M. Zeidner, Eds. Ziegelstein, J. Fauerbach, S. Stevens, J. Romanelli, D. Richter and D.

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Dracup, D. Moser, M. Eisenberg, H. Meischke, A. Alonzo and A. Jenkins and N. Kirmayer and A. Kleinman and A. Taylor, R. Repetti and T. Jasny and D. Eriksson, E. Perfilieva, T. Bjork-Eriksson, A. Alborn, C. Nordborg, D. Peterson and F. Draganski, C. Gaser, V. Busch, G.

Schuierer, U. Bogdahn and A. A As Freudian concepts, such as the unconscious, fell out of favor, so too did psychosomatic medicine.

B Alexander's nuclear conflict model relied too heavily on individual psychological problems. C Psychosomatic medicine was based on reductionism - the outmoded idea that a single flaw was sufficient to trigger disease. D Being heavily influenced by the behaviorist movement, psychosomatic medicine became unpopular during the late s.

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Although Sigmund Freud's theories and psychosomatic medicine were flawed, they started the trend toward viewing illness and health as caused by: A host factors. B environmental factors. C psychological and behavioral factors. D the interaction of several factors. Historically, behavioral medicine grew out of: A the branch of medicine called psychosomatic medicine.

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B psychophysiology and biology. C the branch of psychology called behaviorism. D psychoanalysis. Who was an early proponent of behavioral medicine who used operant conditioning techniques to teach animals to gain control over bodily functions? Which of the following is NOT one of the original four goals of the new field of health psychology?


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During the twentieth century, life expectancy in the United States: A decreased. B remained about the same. C decreased, then increased during the twenty-first century. D increased.

Health Psychology: A BioPsychoSocial Approach

A Health care costs have increased. B Life expectancy has increased. C Lifestyle disorders such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease have decreased. D The medical model has been broadened from a biomedical focus to a biological, psychological, and social focus. A person who attributes catching a cold to not getting enough sleep or experiencing too much stress after being exposed to a virus is implicitly accepting which model of health?

A biomedical B biopsychosocial C behavioral D cognitive-behavioral Health psychologists view health: A as the absence of disease. B from a biopsychosocial viewpoint. C from a biomedical perspective. D in various ways, depending on the individual's background. Rogers believes that our characteristic human behaviors exist as they do because they helped our distant ancestors survive.

Evidently, Dr. Rogers is a proponent of the: A evolutionary perspective. B biomedical model. C life-course perspective. D biopsychosocial model. Genomics is the study of the: A evolutionary history of a species' health. B structure, function, and mapping of the genetic material of organisms. C role of psychological factors in vulnerability to disease.

D effects of environmental forces on how genes are expressed. B a person's age influences his or her health. C environmental forces affect how genes are expressed. D exposure to an environmental toxin makes a person sick. A prosocial; chemical toxins B delinquent: maltreatment C criminal; malnutrition D bullying; bullying.

DNA methylation is best described as the: A biochemical process that occurs in body cells and helps regulate the expression of genes. B cause of most chronic illnesses in children and young adults. C cause of most chronic illnesses in older adults. D mechanism by which psychological traits such as introversion are inherited. Ortiz is investigating how a mother's habits will affect her child's lifelong development. A sociocultural B life-course C biomedical D behavioral What is the leading cause of death in young people age ?

A chronic lower respiratory disease B heart disease C cancer D unintentional injuries What is the leading cause of death among people age 45 and over?

Health Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach

A cancer B heart disease C chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer D external events such as homicide Subjective well-being refers to: A empathy. B self-perceived happiness. C the level of stress in a person's day-to-day life. D the sense that one is better off than others. Women and men who feel connected to a network of caring friends are less likely to die of cancer than those who feel alienated from others. A biological B psychological C social D emotional A birth cohort is a group of people who: A were born with a few years of each other.

B have a certain cultural identity. C have a certain ethnic identity. D have a certain racial identity.