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One of the most important aspects of being a sales manager is your ability to positively influence your sales team. Only if you can affect the thoughts, actions, and behaviors of your sales team can you be an effective sales manager. Influence is critical to all aspects of your role as a sales manager, including keeping the sales vision on track, motivating the sales team to achieve the sales vision goal, providing your team with overall direction, challenging and driving your team, and so forth.

If you do not have the ability to influence your sales team, then you are not functioning as a manager. There are two interacting methods you use to influence your sales team: motivation and management style. Management style is the approach you use in different situations to achieve desired results through your salespeople. For example, your approach may need to be heavy-handed and forceful when discussing sales results.

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Other situations may require you to be participative and supportive. The challenge is to select the most appropriate style for each situation.

There are four distinct sales management styles you can use to influence your sales team. Your ability to identify when each style is appropriate and use each style effectively, is critical to your role as a manager. The four sales management styles are directing, selling, participating, and delegating. Although directing has a negative connotation when considered in terms of leading or managing, it is appropriate and effective in specific situations.

Directing requires confidence in the information you are providing and specificity in delivering it. Selling is persuading a salesperson or the sales team to move in a particular direction.


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In selling, you give the other party the opportunity to respond. The participating style encourages two-way communication and an open, honest exchange of ideas. You have an opportunity to access a variety of ideas and to show that you respect and value the input of your sales team. You can enhance their sense of being valuable members of the team.

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Salespeople who have demonstrated the ability to work successfully and independently often have the confidence to continue to perform with little supervision. Delegating is often difficult for some sales managers.

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Although each sales management style is separate and distinct from the others, you will find that many situations require more than one style. For example, in a sales meeting you may need to use the selling style to introduce a new sales strategy, and follow that with the participating style to get ideas on how to implement the strategy.

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You need to be flexible within situations as well as from situations to situations. Relationship selling behaviors as examined in this study include interaction intensity, mutual disclosure, and cooperative intentions.

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Findings indicate that interaction intensity and mutual disclosure have a significant effect on salesperson performance. Cooperative intentions do not influence performance. Boles, J. Please share your general feedback.

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