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The book consists of a general introduction by the editor and nine chapters divided into two parts. Altogether, the chapters look predominantly at the state and status of English in present-day Japan. The authors analyze online promotional materials of several Japanese universities and examine two visions of globalization: globalization as opportunity and globalization as threat. They further compare the discourse of language and globalization in Japan with that of other countries and regions. The chapter also suggests ways to promote communication between students and teachers about course expectations.

Based on the interviews with curriculum planners, teachers and students, the study attempts to bring out salient identity positions in relation to globalization and internationalization. The study hopes to bring to applied linguistics research further insight into the complex, and sometimes contradictory, mix of effects of the globalization of English. The author draws on her qualitative research in the city of Hasu in to investigate the perceptions and experiences of Japanese adults learning English outside of educational institutions.

Thus they can actively and critically engage in diverse cultural, racial and linguistic contact zones. However, the increasing incorporation of English expressions in daily Japanese use is bringing about various changes to the Japanese language. In parsing operations,. The following example displays a date in the first year of the Heisei era. The output from the example illustrates the difference between the current and future handling of the first year of an era by.

When run after the servicing update is released, the. Although there rarely should be a need to do this, you can also restore. You can do this as follows for both. NET Framework and. NET Core:. The change in Japanese eras poses a number of issues.

1. Introduction

The following list addresses some of these and proposes workarounds. Its value is the constant 0. In other words, the most recent era is always the default era. When eras can change unexpectedly, calling a date and time instantiation method that relies on the default era can produce an ambiguous date.

If strict range checking is enabled, future dates that are valid before an era change may become invalid after the era change. For this reason, leave relaxed era range checking on the default value. Because dates can be ambiguous, you should always format a date value with its era. Conventionally, the era precedes the other date components in the string representation of a Japanese calendar date.

Globalization in the Blending of Cultures

For parsing operations, also ensure that an era is present unless you want all dates and times to default to the current era. NET, how. NET applications will be updated to use the new era, how. NET APIs are changing to help you handle the Japanese era change, and what you can do as a developer to test your application and minimize the effect of future era changes.

Above all, we recommend that you:. Follow Ronald. Log in to join the discussion. NET Meetup Events. Web apps with ASP. NET Core. Mobile apps with Xamarin. Microservices with Docker Containers. Modernizing existing.

Globalization I - The Upside: Crash Course World History #41

NET apps to the cloud. Handling a new era in the Japanese calendar in. The Internet is a major contributor to globalization, not only technologically but in other areas as well, like the cultural exchanges of art. Consider how we can enroll in online educational programs from anywhere in the world and access new information on virtually any topic. Global news networks, like CNN, contribute to the spread of knowledge.

Worldwide news is reported almost instantly, if not via live broadcast, then through continual updates to online news outlets. Cell phones connect people all over the world like never before. There are a multitude of platforms through which people can communicate too, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Military cooperation between countries adds to globalization, such as the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty or anti-terrorism agreements.

Where two or more strong forces come together, greater military force can be placed on international terrorist groups.


Examples of Globalization

Environmental cooperation has spread to help reduce chlorofluorocarbon CFC emissions and slow the depletion of the ozone. One example is the Montreal Protocol. Since the United States, members of the European Union, and other countries came together to form this agreement, the ozone hole in Antarctica has started to recover. Although technology, transportation, and the arts are major motivators within the vehicle of globalization, there are other enjoyable components too, from international sports to relief groups like the Red Cross.

Here are a few closing examples:. The Olympics began in ancient Greece and continue today. Now, people from all across the globe come together to compete in a wide array of sports and games. Even though only a handful of countries compete all the way through to the finals, people all across the globe sit down and watch the same match on TV, no matter their location. Travel and tourism allows for the globalization of many things, like the exchange of money, cultures, ideas and knowledge.

There are countless options to make travel more affordable, including budget airlines and low-rate hostels. This allows people to explore further and wider than was ever possible before. The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that promotes cooperation in many areas including human rights, peace, and economic development. With one phone call or email, people from all across the globe can come together to ensure the rights of human beings are protected.

Organizations such as the Red Cross can respond more swiftly to disasters around the world. They have a wider network, more offices, and staff members who are willing to travel or even relocate in the wake of natural disasters.

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It's hard to see any cons to a globalized world. People become more educated. Goods are exchanged farther and wider than ever before, fostering an appreciation for cultures that are several thousand miles away. All of this is driven by technology, transportation, and cooperation amongst international officials.

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If you take the example of a t-shirt sold in the United States, but assembled in Thailand, you might wonder if that was a job an American could have fulfilled. In some ways, developed countries may lose some of their workforce. Then, there are tax issues.